Business NOT traffic

A different approach to online marketing


What we do:

We have already done the work…If you’ve been contacted by Local Online Experts, then we’re already getting calls from people who you want to sell to. We use our expertise to get in front of the clients you want – we then put them in touch with our first rate partners.  The results are proven and trackable… And it’s considerably less cost than an SEO campaign.

We’re not for everyone…We’d love to help everyone…but we’re very selective in who we work with. We are a unique shop. In fact we have more businesses asking for our help than we chose to work with. You have a chance to dominate your local niche before it’s offered to one of your competitors.

It’s easy to get caught up in all the digital lingo thrown around today. Traffic, PPC, SEO etc. all help to confuse the issue that business owners don’t care about web traffic and conversions.

What business owners want is for prospects to find them, and then choose them. Ultimately owners care about winning more business.

If you’re a local business owner, chances are that you’ve been contacted PLENTY of times with a offers to “Get you to the top of Google”.

This can mean you’re being pitched one of two things:

  1. A Pay-Per-Click campaign. (advertising for traffic – Adwords or Facebook, Yelp etc.)
  2. An SEO campaign in order to move your site up in the organic listings.

Buying an SEO campaign probably seems like a good idea. You know that you have to do something, right?

What they say: “We’ll provide an array of services from content management to social media marketing, all carefully designed to help your customers find you with the correct keywords.” (Sounds good right?)

What they mean: “Just give us $1200 per month starting now. We can’t guarantee results – not ever – maybe we can get you to move up a few spots for certain keywords…but it will take at least 9 – 12 months until anything happens- AND – ready? You have to start paying that $$ right now! (oh yeah, if Google makes one of their updates and we have to start from scratch again – too bad for you). Okay, Ready to sign up?”

Believe it or not, that’s what many local business owners agree to do. Local Online Expert has a better solution.


The good news? We won’t waste your time, or your money. Ever. You’ll see results.

Right away.

Pretty cool huh?

(note: we don’t work with “Adult” sites, Network Marketing, or Start ups)